Five Five Garage is now on Wheelwell

Five Five Garage now has a page on Wheelwell ( Think of Wheelwell as a kind of Facebook, but for car peeps! Just search...

What’s good, everybody?

Greetings and salutations! I hope you all have had a happy holidays and a fantastic start to the new year! There is a lot of...

Recirculator or Blow-off Valve? Should I Upgrade?

In this week's video, I talk about recirculator and blow-off valves and the reasons you might want to upgrade. Later in the video, I...

LED Garage Lighting Upgrade

This week I install a set of LED light from Barrina to help improve the lighting in the garage. Here is a link to them...

Going for a drive! A new review video!

I am still feeling under the weather, so I thought I would go for a drive!

Parts Delayed Again!!!

Project and shipping delays can be a pain to deal with. This week I use the downtime to my advantage and talk about some...

Motegi Racing MR131 Traklite Installation

This week, Project Rocket gets a new pair of shoes! After needing to buy a set of tires, I purchased a set of new...

Thermal Insulating Gaskets Installation

This week, I install a set of thermal insulating gaskets for my throttle body and intake manifold. Beat the heat, lower BAT's and up...

James Barone Racing EGR Delete and Coolant Bypass Kit

This week I install an EGR delete and coolant bypass kit from James Barone Racing. This should definitely help control carbon buildup!

VTCS Removal

This week I remove the VTCS from my intake manifold. Why? No more airflow restrictions! More zoom-zoom!!!