Project TMB Episode 13: Timing The Motor

This build series is getting closer to completion! In this video I will be adding the camshafts and their gear, as well...

Project TMB Episode 12: Cylinder Head Installation

Change of plans! I originally was going to re-use the BP-05 head from my '96 engine, but luck swung my way and...

Project TMB Episode 11: Gates Water Pump Installation

Now that the crank is installed, I can start adding on parts to finish up the motor build! This video I install...

Project TMB Episode 10: Boundary Racing Oil Pump and Oil Pan...

The build continues! Now that the rotating assembly is in the short block, it is time to start working on the oiling...

Project TMB Episode 9: Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Installation

The motor build is finally coming together! No more tear down! No more cleaning! In this week's video I finally get to...

Project TMB Episode 8: Cylinder Honing

The project continues!

Project TMB Episode 7: Cleaning The Engine Block

Project TMB is back on track with a new video upload! Cleaning The Engine Block.

Project TMB Episode 6: Cylinder Head Disassembly

With the engine block finally disassembled, it is now time to turn my attention to the cylinder head. In this video I...

My Latest Addiction

New blog post! I catch you all up on what I did during the quarantine, as well as what I am doing now. Fun times...

Project TMB: Tearing It Down Part 4

New Video! Project TMB: Tearing It Down Part 4