Project TMB Episode 18: Upgrading The Fuel Pump

After upgrading the fuel rail and injectors in the last video, it is time to upgrade the fuel pump! I don't know...

Project TMB Episode 17: Fuel System Upgrades

Now that the engine and transmission are back in the car, it is time to start putting it back together! Since my...

Mazdaspeed 3 Basics: Intercoolers

In this video I decided to have a discussion about Intercoolers. I will be covering topics like heat soak, proper sizing, and...

Start-Up: Intercoolers and You

A new Start-Up guide that talks about Intercoolers!

Project TMB Episode 16: Installing the Engine

Finally! Everything is buttoned up and torqued down, it is time to install the drivetrain back into the car! Before I set...

The Five Five Garage Christmas Gift Guide

Having issues telling your loved ones what types of gifts you would like for Christmas? Show them this video!

Project TMB Episode 15: Installing the Flywheel and Clutch

The work continues! In this video I take the engine off of the stand and hook it back up to the puller...

Calling An Audible, Changing The Build Again…

It seems my turbo Miata build changes as much as the wind blows...

Project TMB Episode 14: Oil Feed Adapter Installation

Now that the motor is back together, it is time to start figuring out how to feed the oil to the turbo!...

Mazdaspeed 3 Q&A: What You Need To Know

Going to take a break from Project TMB videos for a quick sec and make one for the Mazdaspeed Fam!