Project Tahoe Episode 1: Key Fob Remote Replacement

Starting a new project! My sister has recently given me her old 2001 Chevy Tahoe and it needs a lot of work...

JBR 51R Small Battery Tray for the Mazdaspeed 3

Now that spring weather is on the way, I am able to get back into the garage and start working on projects...

Project TMB Episode 19: Upgrading The Alternator and Starter

The motor build is shaping up and it is now time to address the alternator and starter. I decided to upgrade from...

Project TMB Episode 18: Upgrading The Fuel Pump

After upgrading the fuel rail and injectors in the last video, it is time to upgrade the fuel pump! I don't know...

Project TMB Episode 17: Fuel System Upgrades

Now that the engine and transmission are back in the car, it is time to start putting it back together! Since my...

Mazdaspeed 3 Basics: Intercoolers

In this video I decided to have a discussion about Intercoolers. I will be covering topics like heat soak, proper sizing, and...

Start-Up: Intercoolers and You

A new Start-Up guide that talks about Intercoolers!

Project TMB Episode 16: Installing the Engine

Finally! Everything is buttoned up and torqued down, it is time to install the drivetrain back into the car! Before I set...

The Five Five Garage Christmas Gift Guide

Having issues telling your loved ones what types of gifts you would like for Christmas? Show them this video!

Project TMB Episode 15: Installing the Flywheel and Clutch

The work continues! In this video I take the engine off of the stand and hook it back up to the puller...