Start-Up: New Guide Series

My 2010 Mazdaspeed 3

The MZR DISI engine is a technological marvel. It is a four cylinder, turbo-charged, direct-injected beast mated to a six-speed transmission, and it is a blast to drive. It is also esoteric, quirky, and sometimes a pain to work on. It can be tuned to achieve crazy numbers on the stock valvetrain and turbo (up to ~ 400 HP with a bit of help from e85) with basically bolt-on parts. It can also fail most spectacularly when certain parts are upgraded before others.

I get asked a lot of questions about what parts should be bought, or how do I achieve this power goal, or just where to even begin? The MZR DISI can be a reliable engine but it can also a ticking time bomb of expensive parts if one doesn’t understand its quirks. That is one of the reasons why I decided to share the information that I have found during my own research to try and help others make informed decisions of their own and to try and help them avoid costly mistakes.

I hope that the Start-Up series will be beneficial to any who read it, or at least a help to get them started on the path to finding the answers they seek. Instead of one big document, I am going to break the topics down into sections that will hopefully be easier to read. I will try my best to release new sections on a timely manner, and if there is something I haven’t covered and you would like to see, feel free to contact me on social media and I will look into it.

With all that said, let’s get it!