Project TMB Build Diary 4: New Direction


Well I have already pivoted on this project, so it is time to take it in a new direction. After doing a deep dive on the NB, making a list of all the things that are wrong with it and what it will take to make it not a driving death trap, I found a couple of glaring issues.

The Many Problems 

Where do I even begin….

There were so many problems I discovered. The six-speed definitely has issues. It has a severe leak, as in it leaves puddles if I park it with the nose facing down the driveway towards the street. I can’t tell if it is from the drain plug or the front transmission seal. I haven’t driven the car on the street since I got it, but driving it home the day I bought it, the transmission did not shift smoothly. It takes a bit of effort to get it into reverse. All of these issues add up to me having to remove the transmission and if I have to do that I might as well remove the engine too.

So I did. 

I am getting really good at pull motor/transmission combos out of Miatas.

With the engine and transmission out of the car, it doesn’t make sense to leave the car in pieces when I have a perfectly fine rebuilt motor and transmission sitting there does it? It is an NB, my turbo motor is an NB hybrid, it would be easy peasy to just reconnect all the sensors and drop that motor in. The power steering and a/c will bolt up too! See where I am going with this?

So yeah, the NB is now the official Project TMB car.