G-Force Racing Submarine Belt and Backing Plate Installation

Continuing on from the installation of a Hard Dog Fabrications roll bar in my project Miata, I decided to install the submarine...

2019: What I’ve Done, What I’m Going to Do, and Where...

My latest blog, find out what exciting things I have planned for 2019!
Top Mount Intercooler

Start-Up: Talking Intakes

In the previous post, I talked about the mandatory mods that needed to be added to the car in order to...

Start-Up: The First Modifications You Need To Do

The next entry into the Start-Up guide series, The Modifications That You Need To Do.

Start-Up: Where to Begin?

So, you finally decided to begin tuning your Mazdaspeed 3. Congrats! Maybe you have owned it for awhile and want to...

Start-Up: New Guide Series

The MZR DISI engine is a technological marvel. It is a four cylinder, turbo-charged, direct-injected beast mated to a six-speed transmission,...

Winter Doldrums and Conundrums

This has been the wallpaper for my laptop for over a year. Just wanted to share that.

James Barone Racing Tru-Torsion 1.25 Rear Sway Bar Installation

After updating my suspension with a set of 172s coilovers from RaceWorks, I decided to up the ante on the handling of...

Mazda Miata Hard Dog Fabrication M1 Sport Roll Bar Installation

In this video, I add some safety and style to my 1996 Mazda Miata with a M1 Sport Roll Bar from Hard Dog Fabrication.

Hard Dog Racing M1 Sport Rollbar – Initial Impressions

As the evolution of my Miata continues, I decided to address some safety concerns I was beginning to become aware of. The little roadster...