Project TMB Build Diary 2: Small Improvements


Now that the roll cage has been completely removed, I now had more space to work inside the car and there were some other items I wanted to remove. 

First up, the window tint.

The car had dark tint all the way around and every piece of glass had it. The windshield, all door glass, the glass window on the soft top. It looked cool from the outside, but trying to see out during nighttime was a pain. When I originally got my NA, it had this horrid purple tint on it that needed to be removed. That time I used a heat gun to remove it, while doing the job, I think I must have singed a couple fingers in the process. This time around I decided to use something different.

Enter the Bissell 

I should have bought one of these sooner!

I know that steam has long been used to remove tint in shops, but some of those commercial steam units are expensive. It just so happened that this Steamshot popped up on an Amazon deal (or Alexa heard me and made a sale happen, praise the robot overlords) and I pulled the trigger. I am happy to say that it made removing the tint fairly easy, I was able to heat it up and pull the tint as one sheet instead of the ripping and tearing that I experienced with the heat gun (it might also be that this car had better quality tint materials used). I was able to remove the windshield and all door glass on tank of water. I also want to try steam cleaning my engine too at some point.  

Look at that! I can see out of the door windows now!

With the tint removed, next thing I wanted to change was the steering wheel setup. The car when I got it had an aftermarket hub and what looked like a knock-off Fatlace steering wheel. This was no good for me, even with the roll cage now removed I still had some issue getting my legs in and out of the car. That’s when I decided to try the NRG hub and quick detach setup I had on my NA to see how it would fit.

 The answer is that it fits quite well. Too well in fact. I wonder what else from my NA project would fit the NB??