Cobb Tuning Accessport v3


So, you just got yourself ( a new to you) Mazdaspeed 3. You have driven it for awhile and while it is fun, you wonder to yourself, how much more fun would it be if it had a little more power?

It’s fun.

It’s a whole lot of fun!

Trust me.

So you decide to buy a couple of parts, but where do you begin? What do you buy? Where do you buy them from? What do you do?

Lucky for you, intrepid reader, you have come to the right place!

The Mazdaspeed 3 is a great car to begin, and with a couple of bolt-ons it becomes even more of a blast to drive. But for a number of people, modding a turbocharged car can be a bit intimidating at first. Unlike a normally aspirated (NA) car, there are certain steps one must take with a Speed 3 to ensure that it does not fall victim to the ZZB’s (Zoom Zoom Boom) and lives a happy, boosted life.

Unboxing the Cobb Accessport v3

The very first mods that Speed 3 owner should consider purchasing are a Cobb Tuning Accessport, a set of High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) internals, and a short ram intake (SRI). The first two are considered requirements before any power adders are purchased. Generation One Mazdaspeed 3’s ( 2007-09) can safely install an intake, but Generation Two owners (2010-2013) might want to err on the side of caution and get the HPFP and Accessport first. The Accessport allows the user to upload custom maps to the Mazdaspeed 3 that will be able to get the most from aftermarket parts and added perks like launch control and flat foot shifting. The unit can also be configured to display sensor output, you can see boost p.s.i., voltage, knock retard, fuel pressure, wastegate duty, and others. The Accessport can also read and clear engine codes, making it a very useful tool as you start modding your vehicle.

When I decided to mod my own personal vehicle, I did some research and ordered all three at once from Corksport Performance ( and started with installing the Accessport first.

Contents of the Cobb Accessport v3 kit

The Cobb Accessport v3 ($650.00 available at comes in a tidy box, with all the cables and equipment necessary to install to your vehicle. Included are the Accessport v3 unit, a USB cable, a ODB2 cable, a mount with double sided tape, an extra face plate, a quick start guide, and some stickers.

The quick start guide is helpful, recommending that you visit the Cobb Tuning website to download their software, and to connect the Accessport via USB cable to update it before attempting to install it on your car. While there you can also find some OTS (Off The Shelf) maps that are calibrated for certain aftermarket parts and upgrades. The OTS maps can be helpful with getting some extra performance from your newly purchased parts, taking some of the headache out of tuning.

I will be trying my hand at installing one in my own 2010 Mazdaspeed 3, stay tuned for the install video!