Suspension Update: Moog Rear End Links

I heard a knocking from the rear end going over bumps. So it is time to raise the car up and take a look!

Tootin’ My Horn: Upgrading to a Dual Horn Setup

The stock Mazdaspeed 3 horn does not fit the car's aggressive looking profile. Instead of a booming, attention grabbing blast, the...

The Leaves Are Falling Everywhere…

Well, another Summer has come and went, Monday is the first official day of the Fall, so I figured it would...

Mishimoto S-Line Intercooler Upgrade for Mazdaspeed 3

After driving around with the CX Racing intercooler for awhile, I decide to up the ante (and the boost!) by installing Mishimoto's...

Keeping Cool: Figuring out the Intercooler Issue

If you have been following along with me as I delve into the world of tuning my Mazdaspeed 3, you will...

BRINGLED 80w LED Light Bulb Review

As I begin to prepare for recording videos this fall, I decided now would be the best time to find some different...

Hot Summer Nights (in the garage)

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, so allow me this opportunity to get you guys up to speed.

Auxbeam P10 LED Light Bulb Installation for the Mazdaspeed 3

After installing a set of new headlight assemblies in my last video, I decided to replace the old halogen H11 bulbs with a set of P10 LED light bulbs from Auxbeam.

Finer Control: Adding a James Barone Racing 3-Port Electronic Boost Control...

Finer Control: Adding a James Barone Racing Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

DNA Motoring Mazdaspeed 3 Headlight Installation

After having trouble cleaning a difficult headlight, I decided to replace them with a set of custom headlights from DNA Motoring.